Covid-19 update

Risk Assessment June 2020

Our aim for children coming back to nursery is to keep everyone safe.  During the last 8 weeks we have been open with a small staff team and children of key workers. We are using this experience to make the setting safe and welcoming for all children. We are following government guidelines and also advice from the NDNA. This document outlines some of the measures we have put in place.

Other measures will be introduced or changed as government advice and recommendations develop.


Thoughts Actions
Social distancing




We ask that parents ensure that no child will attend the setting with symptoms.

When staff and children return from to nursery, they will be in one of group and mix purely with that one group or Bubble.

Staff members will only be in 1 bubble and will not mix with other bubbles. These teams have been planned now so that the children have a familiar face and at least one member of staff knows the child. We are considering opening another bubble and working out how to move children between bubbles.. We intend to spend a lot of our time outdoors.

Use of communal spaces, such as toilets, staff room, corridors to be planned. Staff teams will have minimal contact with children or staff from other bubbles in communal spaces. Staff will be encouraged to bring their lunch food which needs minimal preparation in staff room, such as salads or sandwiches.

The Department for Education has confirmed that it does not expect providers to keep all children two metres away from each other, or to care for children while remaining two metres away, as this is simply not possible. Its guidance states: “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2m apart from each other and staff.”

During this time, we will not be welcoming non-essential visitors to nursery.

Children attending more than 1 setting Families will be asked to limit their child to 1 setting only. This means that if your child attends Farndon School they will not be able to attend Dandelions and vice versa. We have spoken to Mr Walker at school and agreed this is the correct approach.

For the time being we will not be doing breakfast club or after school club for Farndon School children at Dandelions.

Parents will need to help keep all our children safe. Families will be asked to ensure that they continue to follow government guidelines and not mixing with people outside their family or immediate work team.
Drop/off and collection:


Only one adult should bring each child/family to nursery. Sadly parents are no longer allowed into the building. Your child should be dropped off at the gate. Please do not park close by the gate. Stay in your car until there is space at the gate. If necessary, we will consider using the large gate for some children.

Please take directions from staff if there is congestion at the gate. If necessary, we will stagger drop off and pick up times, but we are hoping this will not be necessary.

For now, we are asking that where possible, you pick up by 5:15pm to give us time to clean thoroughly at the end of each day.

Children should bring in a bag with clearly labelled spare clothes, sun cream (labelled), and coats at the beginning of the week. These may be sent home each day to be replenished and cleaned if necessary.

When children are taken home from nursery it is good practice that they almost immediately have a bath or shower and all clothes washed. Staff are also being told to shower and change as soon as they return home.

Hand washing provision Children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing is available in Foxgloves toilets.

Hand washing is available in preschool toilets.

There will be a member of staff available from the bubble to take children to wash hands.

We will also use hand sanitisers – particularly outdoors.

Washing up bowls with hot soapy water will be used at times in rooms.

Door handles Some doors (not firedoors) will be wedged open and other doors are being made to be push/pull, to avoid people touching the handles throughout the day.
Toys and resources from home Children will be asked to leave all their own toys at home. Muslins can be provided here and cleaned each day.

Staff will also be asked not to bring in resources from home. If a child really needs a comforting toy, we will of course let them bring it in, particularly to begin with.

Cleaning routines We have a dedicated isolation room.  The isolation room will be deep cleaned after each use. Staff will wear PPE for this.

All rooms will be cleaned thoroughly each evening and during the day, as necessary. Checklists to be maintained for each area.

Cleaning fluids more likely to be visible to children in rooms. Staff will always keep all cleaning material out of reach of children.

Staff will be using rubber washing up gloves and hot soapy water to wash toys and resources. We aim to preserve our supply of disposable gloves for more intimate care.

Difficult to clean toys We want children to come to nursery and have a rich and rewarding day. We are considering the use of all our resources with the aim being to keep children safe but still able to learn. Items which are difficult to clean will be removed. Soft toys and cushions will be limited in number and washed regularly.

Playdough and other sensory play will be limited and will be single use.

Tissues Pedal bins to be provided for each room. Children will be encouraged to dispose of their own tissues in the pedal bin. Tissues and nappies will be double bagged and tied up prior to disposal in the usual way. Any waste from someone with Covid-19 will be stored for 72 hours and then disposed of in the usual way. Tissues will be made available for children to help themselves to.
Sharing of resources between rooms, indoors and outdoors Resources not to be shared across bubbles until that resource is cleaned.
Supply of PPE Keep track of stock levels and reorder PPE in good time to maintain stock levels.
Meals and snacks We intend to continue to provide hot nutritious and balanced diet for the children. We will continue to use Asda for our groceries. We are still using the local butchers and collecting meat from there. Angela will go shopping if necessary. Our cook will be keeping an eye on stock levels.


Sickness/illness (staff & children)





Staff and children will be sent home if they are ill. If a child has a temperature of 38C or above, they will be sent home

Parents should keep their child at home if they show any symptoms of illness, including coughs, temperatures, sickness, or diarrhoea. They should also avoid giving paracetamol (e.g. Calpol) which may mask symptoms before the child comes into nursery.

If a child is taken ill with symptoms whilst at Dandelions, they will be taken to the isolation room with member of staff, normally Angela or someone from the child’s bubble. Parents will be called, and they must leave work immediately to pick up as soon as possible. If a member of the Dandelions team is taken ill, they will be sent home immediately.

If a member of staff is sent home with Covid-19 symptoms they will request testing. If a staff member leaves and this means the room is outside ratios parents may be called to pick up children.

Emergency contact details/procedures Emergency contact details will need to be checked as children return to nursery. Parents need have an agreement with their employer that enables them to leave work promptly needed to pick up a poorly child. Room leaders will be responsible for calling a parent and let the nursery manager know their reasons for doing so
If you have symptoms To protect the children and staff in nursery, your child must not attend the nursery if any member of your household has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. You must follow the government guidelines if you have contact with someone with the virus.

Likewise, staff members will not be in work for at least 7 days if they test positive for Covid-19.  Staff will also follow national guidelines if a member of their household has symptoms.

If a child or adult in a bubble tests positive for Covid-19 then this child will isolate at home with all members of their family. All staff and children  in that bubble will have to isolate at home for 14 days but their family can continue to go to work/school unless their child has symptoms

Changes to government guidance As government guidance is published, clarified, or updated, we will adjust our operating practices to comply where possible.  Initially we are having to introduce a small additional charge to help with associated costs. You will see a line item on your invoice. We will try to integrate future changes into our existing cost base, but changes driven by government guidance may require additional funding from families.
Ideas If you have any thoughts on how we can improve our delivery at this difficult time, please get in touch with Angela.  We are all in uncertain times and any help, guidance and advice will be considered.